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Arkansas stairlifts

Stairlifts in Bentonville, Arkansas

For those with mobility challenges, stairs present one of life’s most serious and often-encountered obstacles. Depending on the particular disability, dealing with this obstacle inside your home can be as involved as installing an elevator – or as simple as installing a relatively inexpensive stairlift.
Once a luxury reserved for mansions, stairlifts have been brought into ordinary reach by the march of technology. With features such as battery backup and simple two-button operation standard, our stairlifts are both reliable and easy to use.


Professional Stairlift Installation

While using a stairlift is as easy as sitting down and pressing a button, installing a stairlift is a rather different story. As with most systems, systems need to have all of their parts working properly for the unit to work and to operate safely. A misaligned bolt, a loose screw, or any number of issues that could be expected if you don’t install such equipment every day , A single bolt left loose or improperly adjusted can damage your equipment, endanger the stairlift’s user, or void your warranty. That’s why it’s important to have a experienced professionals like the technicians of Country Home Elevator of Northwest Arkansas on the job. Our people know exactly what they’re doing, and we stand behind our work 100%.

Stannah Stairway Lifts

The UK-based stairlift manufacturer Stannah has built an enviable and well-deserved international reputation for outstanding excellence in quality control. Every Stannah stairlift unit is tested under full load for an amount of time equivalent to ten years’ actual use, prior to being made available for sale. Stannah stairlifts are often chosen for extremely complex installations such as those involving spiral stairs and tight turns.

Bruno Stairway Lifts

Designed to blend in with – and add to – any decor, Bruno stairlifts are some of the most visually attractive units we sell. The Bruno name goes far beyond good looks, however. Bruno stairlifts, which are made here in America, are custom-built to fit even the trickiest curved stairways and provide access to all the levels of your house without compromising its appearance.

Handicare Stairlifts

At Handicare, we are committed to making everyday life easier for disabled and elderly people. And to empowering them to live an active life – on their terms. At the same time, we want to support those who assist them. This is why we provide well-designed solutions that help increase independence, and are easy and safe to use, for both healthcare professionals and family members.